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Explorations in the Picos de Europa

View over the Cares Gorge from Vega Huerta (Photo: Dave Milne)



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Pozo de Cuetalbo (M2)
Pozo de Llastrale (β3)
Sima de Cotalbin (K903) Thesaurus Fragilis (M921)

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Camping in β3, 1990

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Caving in the Picos



Geology and Speleology of Vega Huerta

3D Surface Around Vega Huerta
Geology of the Picos
The three massifs of the Picos de Europa are composed almost entirely of limestones which were laid down during the Carboniferous Period of between 290 and 345 million years ago.

Geological History of the Picos
Carboniferous deposition, deformation and post-Variscan events

Stratigraphy of the Western Massif
An interactive look at the geological sequence around Vega Huerta.

Surface Geology of the Western Massif
With full colour geological map showing nappe boundaries and fault lines.

Surface Geology of Vega Huerta
Description and three dimensional colour image showing surface geology and the dip of faults and nappes (being built).

Effects of the local geology and surface upon cave systems.

Speleomorphology of M2

Pitch-Ramp Systems

Water tracing in M2.



Article from BCRA Cave Science Vol. 14 (YUCPC) Geology and speleogenesis of the M2 Cave System, Western Massif, Picos de Europa, Northern Spain, Kevin J Senior (YUCPC), Cave Science, 1987, 14, 3, 93-104, in English. PDF (5MB)
Article from Garma No. 1 (SEG) Campaņa PICOS '85. Vega Huerta, GARMA, No 1, 19-26 Isidoro Ortiz, SEG in Spanish. PDF (322 kB) [English translation PDF (279 kB)]
Water Tracing in the Vega Huerta Caves, Picos de Europa, Spain, David K Lloyd (YUCPC), Cave Science, 1990, 17, 3,103-106, in English. PDF (325kB)
Communication on 'Water Tracing in the Vega Huerta Caves, Picos de Europa, Spain', Lank Mills. in English, with attachments in French. HTML.

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