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View over the Cares Gorge from Vega Huerta (Photo: Dave Milne)



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Camping in β3, 1990

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O La Merienda de Negros (a37)

Explored by SEG in 1988 to a depth of 46 m. Due to its variable narrowness, its complete exploration cost a week of hard effort, enveloping a significant part of the expedition.

Location    X: 340,11   Y: 4783,80   Z 2040 m    Depth    -46 m



The cave begins with a narrow crawl of 4 m which ends to the left of the first pitch (Pozo Eskakeate) of 12 m, disgustingly muddy with abundant loose stone. After a boulder slope opens Sala de los 1000 Dientes, accessed by a P9. The chamber's dimensions are 37 x 18 m and its name is derived from the enormous calcite crystals of "dog teeth" that upholster its walls.

At the opposite end of the entrance pitch opens a crawl (Ukrania 1943), practically filled by a viscous mud for which it was necessary to laboriously dig out. The crawl ends at the head of a P25 (Pozo Gateras) formed by unsupported unstable blocks leaving a space of 60 cm between the blocks and the ceiling. Two spits in the left-hand wall enable descent of the pitch. at its base a small active vadose trench disappears into an absolutely impenetrable hole. The water comes from a parallel shaft from which the strong draft presumably also comes from that circulates around the crawl.

How to Find

The cave is in the base of the hillside north of the line Cuetalbo-Punta Extremera.


SEG Journal covering 1988 Kaos de Bloques, Dec 1989, No 3, SEG in Spanish. Text PDF (63kB), Graphics PDF (39MB)

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